Kelly Rowland Celebrates 20 Years Since Destiny’s Child Dropped ‘The Writings On The Wall’ Album

Kelly Rowland has a right to be celebrating two decades later the release of one of the most iconic albums, Destiny’s Child’s The Writing On The Wall.”

Can you believe it’s been 20 years since Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills?” How about “Bug a Boo?” “Jumpin’ Jumpin’?” “Say My Name??” Neither could original Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland who took to Instagram Monday to celebrate the anniversary of the legendary girl group’s second album, The Writings On the Wall. In a series of videos, Kelly is seen in her car jamming out to classic hits from TWOTW including the intro song “So Good,” which comes after an opening skit that spoofs the iconic gangster movie The Godfather.

Kelly started out singing “So Good” and humorously forgot the words. But cut her some slack. After all – it’s been two decades. She then went on to sing DC’s hit single that some would say put them on the map, “Bills, Bills Bills”… and again, tripped up on the words. But Kelly laughed it off and kept the nostalgia rolling singing “Temptation,” and “Confessions,” with a shoutout to Missy Elliot who was featured on, wrote and produced the fourth record on the album.

“Happy Birthday, The Writings on the Wall. So blessed to be a part of such an amazing body of work,” Kelly wrote in a caption. “Can’t believe we were in our teens when we did this.”

While the anniversary of TWOTW had Destiny’s Child’s fanbase in their feelings reminiscing on the timeless album that went No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 200 charts, Kelly recently squashed any hopes for a DC reunion.

The now 38-year-old songstress from Houston by way of Atlanta told Us Weekly that the quartet-turned-trio hasn’t even considered reuniting. “We haven’t talked about it. It hasn’t been on our radar,” Kelly said. “Everybody’s, like, basically doing their own projects right now and we’re just supporting each other.”

But, the good news is Destiny’s Child announced they’ll be reissuing TOWT on vinyl this November.

Beyonce In Talks With Disney For Extended Movie Deal After ‘The Lion King’ Success

Disney wants to continue working with Beyonce and she is on the verge of securing another bag. Who wouldn’t want to work with Queen for an extended period?

After Queen Bey contributed to the success of The Lion King live-action remake, sources told The Sun that Disney is offering the megastar big bucks to be a part of original films in the future. Beyonce portrayed Nala in the classic redo that has grossed over $1 billion in ticket sales worldwide since its July 17 release date, according to CNBCThe Sun reports that Disney hopes to give the “Lemonade” singer/songwriter “free reign” on future projects.

Beyonce also created and produced the 14-song soundtrack for the film, Lion King: The Gift, that featured Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, and her daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

Details of the Disney deal have yet to be released, but the report said talks were “on-going,” and knowing how Bey does business, there is sure to be some millions involved.

In April Beyonce Knowles-Carter dropped her Homecoming documentary with Netlfix that gave a behind the scenes look at her history-making 2018 Coachella performance. After its success, Netlfix reportedly offered the 37-year-old mother of three a $60 million deal for more content.

Blue Ivy’s momma joins her husband Jay-Z in the movie-venture game as it was announced last week that Hov will be producing a forthcoming crime thriller for Netflix titled The Harder they Fall.

Aidonia Has Big Plans For The Summer, New Dancehall Bangers On The Way

Aidonia says he has big plans for the summer.

Although he has been working nonstop with business deals, the Dancehall star has not forsaken fans who he’s aware are still waiting for new material. The 4th Genna President told E Prime that since it’s summertime; he intends to come with something different. And by that Didi means short films and live bands. According to the Dancehall veteran, we always see live bands for Reggae artistes but not Dancehall, and he intends to change that.

I, for one, am looking forward to this added variable in the top performer’s set. There are other underground groups of kindred talents in Dancehall like Ol’ Wise Nation (OWN) who feature a live band, but it hasn’t become a common trend. This might change drastically if someone like the 4th Genna boss endorsed it. Aidonia, who never disappoints when it comes to his presentation on stage, is the perfect candidate to inspire a revolution in Dancehall performances.

Aidonia has been relatively absent from the music scene this year, but he manages to always stay relevant in the media and music with collaborations with other hot artistes like Govana. The “VVS” deejay was recently named ambassador for Epican which is a legal marijuana dispensary in Kingston, Jamaica. As the first Dancehall artiste to align with Epican and sign on as a brand ambassador, Aidonia says it has increased his global exposure.

Didi recently told the Gleaner “A lot of people have really approached me and big me up for being a part of the movement, as the first dancehall artiste to endorse it on this scale. I was in Los Angeles the other day, and people who didn’t know me before – know of me now.”

The Epican ambassador performed at the dispensary’s first anniversary on July 25. He’s made quite a few appearances at Epican’s weekly event series, Hot Box since becoming an ambassador. Once again staying relevant, even without releasing new music. I’m positive that Aidonia will be just as influential when he starts performing with his band and releasing his short films.

Rygin King Drops Off “One Time” Visual

Rygin King comes through with the visuals for his single “One Time.”

Many would say Rygin King was the leader of the recent Montego Bay revolution in dancehall music. He cannoned on to the mainstream airwaves with TUFF and hasn’t left since. Along with Teejay and Squash, he has helped to establish his city ( Montego Bay) as one of the places to be if you’re perusing dancehall music. Left off this years’ Sumfest the TUFF deejay sited he was disappointed but had since then moved on with his musical mission.

The King is back with a visual for his song “One Time.” The controversial star hasn’t been in the media for all the right reasons this year, but that hasn’t stopped the big songs from coming. The Montego Bay native does it Mobay Style; this video is what they call Braffing.

“One life / One life / A Dat mi haffi live,” King deejay.

If you haven’t started enjoying your summer as yet, this video will be hard to watch. Rygin dealt with the riddim as if he was born to and Jay Will performed just as well behind the camera. He captured great scenes which could be a Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) advertisement. The phrase that best describes this video is an “Island Rave.”

The official audio for the song was released two months ago and has racked up half a million views, let’s see if he can garner even better results with this video.

Many thought Rygin King was slowing down after he was constantly in the highlights for making a grammatical mistake on National Television. He has since then been overseas on countless occasions while still dropping timely reminders of his unique presence ever so often. Songs like “Clean” and “Portal” have kept the deejay on a wave following his brilliant 2018.

Dancehall Star Teejay Got “Millions”

“Millions” is the title of Mobay deejay Teejay’s latest song.

The Uptop Boss has been having a stellar 2019 so far, and his rise to stardom is all but sealed. The Romeich Entertainment Artiste who was left off Sumfest this year much to the surprise of the fans hasn’t allowed that snub to slow him down. Here he returns with his song “Millions,” and we know what it’s all about. “Yesterday mi buy a money machine / Man tired fi count now,” Teejay spits.

This what is known in the streets as Rich Badness. Teejay talks about his financial blessings but also let you know he is no pushover in the game. His delivery is very much assured, and it’s clear for all to see that Teejay is easily one of the best in the industry right now.

“We keep di bricks stackin / keep on going hard because the life mi live a sin,” the deejay rhymes.

Produced by the prolific Shabdon Records, the producer seemingly behind 50% of dancehall hits this year is also at it again. I can’t remember another producer making such a significant impact besides Stephen McGregor in 2006/07. Hits like “Any Weather,” “Henne,” and “Weed” along with multiple big songs from various artistes on the One Don and G6 Riddims respectively among other notable achievements.

It has clearly been a great year for both artiste and producer; both are currently seeking to carry that momentum right through the year and into 20/20.

The Uptop Boss is definitely finding his” Owna Lane,” coveting a lot of “Attention” in the process while he continues to pile his catalog onto the scene like “Bricks,” heavy with quality. Check his latest release, as he reminds us Teejay is here to stay.

Rygin King “Come To Toronto” With Trevor Jackson & Nadia Stone – Listen New Dancehall Song

Rygin King drops a new collaboration with Canadian artistes Trevor Jackson and Nadia Stone showing another side of the Montego Bay Native. Come to Toronto definitely took me by surprise, first with its refined overall sound and also because of who Rygin King featured on the track.

Rygin King had toured Canada extensively doing numerous shows and interviews since his rise to stardom over the past few years. It seems he was not only performing but networking and also recording songs with different acts.

He seems to be directly looking to tap into the market that these artistes already occupy. This strategy is one that more of our acts should employ in order to breach the overseas margin.

In this specific song, Rygin talks about a girl who commands his attention but only for days at a time, which meshes with Trevor Jackson’s Hook perfectly.

“You only want me when you come to Toronto,” Jackson sings. This is the type of conceptual potency that is generally missing from dancehall.

His flow is made for the beat as he starts the story with his unique sound, which was nicely complemented with Trevor Jackson’s hook. People generally like chill songs that they can sing along to playing in their cars, this jam definitely fits the bill. Nadia Stone certainly didn’t disappoint and was literally the icing on an already great song.

The combination of dancehall and mainstream sounding pop/hip hop music has proven to be a great musical mix, as can be seen with Sean Paul making tracks with the likes of Sia, Migos, and Alexis Jordan. Rygin King is proving to be no different as I highly recommend this song.

Reggae Star Jah Cure Leads Nairobi City Cleanup This Weekend While On Royal Soldier Tour In Africa

Jah Cure plans to leave Nairobi clean like a whistle as his Royal Soldier tour passed through the Kenyan capital.

It is quite evident that Jah Cure has been creating waves in Nairobi in Kenya long before he touched down in the East African country on Thursday, for that leg of his Royal Soldier tour. From early June the Kenyans went all out for the singer including wrapping buses with images of the Jamaican artiste, all embellished with the Rastafari colors. In a video that was posted on Instagram by Nairobi’s Governor Mike Sonko, the reggae singer who had paid a courtesy call to the leader’s office, gushed over the shoes he was wearing.

“Yeah man, I love this. I love your shoe boss; let me touch it,” the Grammy-nominated star said to the Governor as he bent to touch the studded shoes the politician was sporting.

Sonko noted on the post that Jah Cure would be taking part in the cleanup of the Nairobi River in the afternoon and Nairobi City monthly cleanup exercise that will take place on Saturday, hours preceding his performance at the Umoja Splash Festival at the Uhuru Gardens in Kenya’s capital city.

“I will be here my brothers and sisters to spearhead the project. I will be your leader for a day in cleaning up Nairobi because this is the cleanup movements we are on. We are on a mission to keep our environment clean; me and the Governor and the rest of the team, so stay tuned. See you there; we have a mission to do” the unconditional love singer said.

“We will clean up and then we go and have fun; God bless you my beautiful people,” he said in the clip which was being recording by the Governor’s media staff.

The Rastafarian artiste also posted a photo of himself and the Governor captioned: “Governor of Nairobi @nike.sonko we have mission to complete today to clean up Nairobi…500 soldiers…200 police and the entire Nairobi will be stepping through the streets of the hood on a cleaning up campaign.

Jah Cure’s Royal Soldier tour, which commenced on June 1, is taking him to 10 cities across the world. So far he has been to Nassau in the Bahamas; Copenhagen, Denmark; Gothenburg, Sweden; Oslo, Norway, and Stockholm, Sweden. Following his performance in Nairobi on Saturday, he will head to Seychelles before returning to Jamaica for an Emancipation Day performance in Montego Bay, then goes off to Suriname before closing in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Rygin King Steps Through The “Portal” – Watch New Video

Rygin King steps through the “Portal” and showcases his luxurious lifestyle in his new video.

Rygin King is back with a new song called “Portal,” and he drops off an accompanying visual for the single. This song is so different from what we’ve grown used to from the Mobay deejay who gave us a new avenue of his sound. This one is really unlike any other song I’ve heard in the history of dancehall.

Premiered with a video, he presents an emotional roller coaster both with his voice and the visuals. Talking about his struggles and his achievements since he has been in the industry. He also talks about how other people have changed since his rise to stardom.

This song is personal and unique in the dancehall space right now. Big up Rygin King for this one, great sonic and new style he didn’t put a foot wrong in this one.

Masicka Debut His New Single “Born Winner”

Masicka is a “Born Winner.”

The Genahsyde leader is at it again with ” Born Winner.” Another hardcore banger the deejay holds nothing back in his message. It seems like songs representing reality for the deejay tend to involve girls, guns and money. The dancehall superstar has already released two such tracks this summer, “Living Legend” and “Drugz Lawd.” Masicka seems to be unto something this summer. Instead of complaining about the summers heat Masicka drops the heat from his studio.

“Wanna live it up this summer / Making major league money / Are you aspiring to be rich,” the deejay spits

If your answer is yes to any of those songs then this song is for you. Masicka found another big song “Born Winner” and rolling out inna all Benz all Bimma.

Teejay Is All About “Henne And Weed” This Summer

Teejay drops off his new single “Henne and Weed.”

Teejay steps into the summer with Hennessy and Weed. Sounds like a formula for a party setting after all to Teejay it seems like life is a party. The deejay isn’t interested in any fighting according to this song. The focus is on the good life as expected from a song called ” Weed and Henny.” “Hundred Million Dolla” repeats the artiste the intro before outlining his new lifestyle. With phrases like “buy anything mi need, fly anyway mi need” he is clearly in a “BRAFFING MOOD.”

Dream Weekend, SPF weekend and others are top targets for this song. It seems no good playlist can be without the Uptop Boss and his dynamic style. SHABDON RECORDS produced this banger continuing his top form since 2019.

The Uptop Boss is ascending to dancehall’s stratosphere with rapid pace, effortlessly putting out great music. Check out his latest.

Usain Bolt Makes Dancehall Debut With “Olympe Rosé Riddim”

Usain Bolt makes his dancehall debut as a producer behind the new “Olympe Rosé Riddim.”

The excitement over Usain Bolt’s Olympe Rose Riddim is reaching a crescendo, less than 24 hours before it’s official release, with its five tracks, one each from some of Jamaica’s hottest artists. Dexta Daps, Christopher Martin, national footballer now music producer and deejay Ricardo “Bibi” Gardner, Ding Dong, and Munga Honorable are the featured artists on the rhythm.

“Olympe Rosé Riddim this FRIDAY?? July 5th, 2019 Featuring: 5 Sizzling tracks by 5 must-hear artistes,” Bolt, who happens to be one of Jamaica’s biggest dancehall fans, posted under a promotional video he uploaded to Instagram.

Bolt’s longtime friend Christopher Martin was elated to be a part of the sprinters’ musical project.

“Tomorrow, July 5th the release of the Olympe Rosé musical collection!!!” Gyal a seh mi sweet mi a muss bulk syrup,” he posted and proceeded to tag Bolt as well as the four other co-featured artistes.

Olympe Rose Riddim is an ode to Bolt’s signature champagne, formulated by French champagne company Mumm, for which the star was appointed Chief Entertainment Officer in 2016. The wine-makers say the Olympe Rosé’ champagne was “created working closely with Usain to reflect his personality – his preference for sweet champagne.” The champagne bottle will no doubt be a huge keepsake as Bolt’s name is inscribed on it.

As a part of the arrangement between the Mumm and Bolt, the nine-time Olympic gold medalist, who launched the Olympe Rose in South Africa earlier this year, is to initiate “unique and daring ways to bring celebrations to consumers everywhere,” according to Mumm’s website.

Popcaan Pays Homage To Dancehall Legend Spragga Benz, Teases New Track “Level Up”


Popcaan gave Spragga Benz a huge shout-out as he teases a fire-new single “Level Up.”

The Unruly Boss is one of the hottest dancehall artists in the game right now, and he is paying homage to one of the greats from the 90s, Spragga Benz. Popcaanposted a video clip on Instagram yesterday of himself and his crew vibing to his upcoming single “Level Up.” Buju Banton’s son Markus Myrie produced the track. “We run the road G-Wagon Benz, man a shotta ask Spragga Benz,” Popcaan deejay before pulling up the track.

“#levelup unruly a worldwide thing a who a them?? @1realmarkus #Levelnuh don’t nuff up,” the deejay wrote on the Gram. Spragga Benz liked the post which is a sign that he is digging the track. The Red Square” deejay has a new hit, “Different” featuring Sean Paul, Chi Ching Ching, and Agent Sasco, bubbling on the airwaves.

Popcaan has been dropping plenty of new tracks since the start of the year. So far we’ve heard more than half of a dozen new bangers from the Unruly Boss, and it’s very clear he is not slowing down anytime soon

Bounty Killer Names One Dancehall Legend Greater Than Vybz Kartel Lyrically

Bounty Killer says dancehall legend Papa San is a greater lyricist than Vybz Kartel.

Bounty Killer always drop some gems even if you don’t agree with what he has to says sometimes, he always speak his mind and give his unbiased opinion on all things dancehall. For the past couple of weeks, dancehall fans have been debating about who is the current king of dancehall. Vybz Kartel has been dominating the headlines and we saw Beenie Man stepping into the arena while touting his success and contributions to dancehall.

Outside of the “kingship” of dancehall, Vybz Kartel is widely regarded as one of the greatest lyricists to ever take up the mic. Bounty Killer thinks there is one dancehall icon who is greater than the Worl’Boss lyrically.

“For the record, as much as I love Vybz Kartel, original lyrics architect, you are a great lyricist but you are not better than Papa San,” Bounty wrote. “Weh San do lyrics wise them no born the end of this topic is not up for debate.”

Buju Banton’s Welcome Home Party Set For Friday At Mas Camp

Buju Banton will be hosting a welcome party is set for Friday night at Mas Camp.

A day before he performed live for the first time since leaving prison, Buju Bantonfans will get a chance to get a glimpse of the singer at his welcome home party on Friday night at Mas Camp in Kingston. The Gargamel will kick off his highly anticipated “Long Walk To Freedom Tour” on Saturday with a massive show at the National Stadium. Mas Camp will also host the after-party for the show.

“You can literally feel the excitement as we get closer to the big day,” Buju’s publicist, Ronnie Tomlinson, said. “People have already begun to fly in, and what we have been hearing from them is that they do not want to stay in their hotel rooms until Saturday. They want a weekend of celebration, and we’re going to give them that.”

Fans can expect to hear Buju Banton music playing all night. Music will be provided by Stone Love, Spex Da Boss, Richie Feelings, JamRock, and Massive B. The gates are opened at 10 p.m. and fans are encouraged to turn out early. Admissions will set you back US$30 for general admission and US$50 for VIP, and we’re told that you can get tickets at the gate.

Gargamel Music, Rocker’s Island Production, Solid Agency, in association with main sponsor Boom Energy Drink are the organizers behind Friday night’s show at Mas Camp.

There is another event set for Fiction Nightclub on Sunday which will conclude the first set of events on Buju Banton’s “Long Walk To Freedom Tour.” The singer will then head overseas where he will perform across the Caribbean before heading to Europe for more tour dates.

Buju Banton, real name Mark Myrie, was released from prison on December 7th last year. He touched down in Jamaica the same day that he was released and since then he has been spending time with his loved ones.


Buju Banton Confirms New Music Is On The Way With Studio Video


Buju Banton got some new music on the way.

The Grammy-winning reggae superstar has not released any new music since his release from federal prison in December last year, but the wait may soon be over. Buju Banton posted a video clip on his Instagram account showing himself in the studio voicing new music. The audio is mute, but you can see the singer enjoying the moment of getting back to what he loves, making music.

“Yo world, working on the night shift… I’m feeling it, don’t worry you will too,” Buju wrote. A rep for the singer previously said that he is working on a major project due early this year. So far, he has not released any details on the pending album.

Buju recording some new music with DJ Khaled in December last year when the We The Best Music Group chief visited Jamaica for a work vacation. Khaled’s song with Buju will appear on his upcoming album Father of Asahd.

Buju Banton recently revealed that he is now in full control of his Instagram account and will regularly update his fans about his moves. “Sooo, Hi world do I have to post shit on here everyday??? Lol,” he wrote.

New Music: Jahmiel – “I Need You”


Jahmiel comes through with a love ballad “I Need You.”

The soulful track arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day, with the dancehall singjay serenading the love of his life over a beat produced by Emudio Records. “First thing first, I know this is really love / ‘Cause baby, me feel the love / Never waan speed it up
Me need more than a single touch / Is it too soon (soon), to say I love you (you) / ‘Cause girl, I do / I know those words are few / But I’ll show you,” Jahmiel sings.

The Patriotz boss has a couple of new singles bubbling on dancehall’s airwaves including “Mankind” and “Feel Like Party.”

Rygin King – Monument

Ryging King is heating up dancehall with a brand new banger “Monument.”


The Good Good Productions-produced single saw the Mobay deejay taking on his critics and his enemies including Masicka and Alkaline. The track was not released as a diss record, but dancehall fans have already labeled it as such. “War head inna your forehead spend shell / The autopopsy read a no sickle cell / The dunce dem lef’ a clip inna him mango head / A close casket ’cause me no see no dreads,” Rygin King deejays.

King is one of the hottest new acts in the game right now and is heavily present in the new wave of artists rising up out of Montego Bay.

Shaggy Set To Perform On American Idol Season 17

Shaggy will be making an appearance on American Idol season 17.


Grammy-winning dancehall star Shaggy is gearing up to release his next solo album Wah Gwaan, due sometime this year. In between recording the project, the dancehall legend finds time to tour with his collaborator Sting and of course, perform on American Idol. Shaggy made the announcement on his Instagram account last weekend telling his fans that he is excited about the performance.

“Excited to announce I’m joining @AmericanIdol this season for their All-Star Duets! Tune- in for the premiere March 3 and later in the season for my episode on ABC,” he wrote.

Aside from Shaggy, some other big names will be performing with contestants in the duet round including, “Chris Isaak, Elle King, Ben Harper, Lukas Graham, and more.

Shaggy is still in a celebratory mood after picking up his second Grammy award earlier this month for Best Reggae Album.

Busy Signal – “What Is A Friend” [Listen]

Busy Signal debut a new single “What Is A Friend.”


The Turf Boss is one of the most consistent artists in dancehall currently. You can always depend on him to release some good music. Last year he had one of the biggest hits on the airwaves, “Stay So.” For this new single “What A Friend,” Busy Signal links with Chimney Records to voice the track on the label’s new project Kingston Riddim.

“So When the food a eat / Eyes a peep, mouth a look, heart a leap / Wolf a wold and sheep a sheep, yeah yeah,” Busy sings. “What is a friend in these times me a fi ask the question.”

Listen to Busy Signal new song “What Is A Friend” below.

Beenie Man Adjust His Crown As Vybz Kartel Named ‘King of Dancehall’ On Mainstream TV


Beenie Man adjusts his crown as Vybz Kartel named “King of Dancehall” on mainstream TV.

On Thursday, Fox 5 New York crowned Vybz Kartel the “King of Dancehall” in a riveting segment on their morning program. The new channel often features dancehall acts as well as hip-hop, and in the past, we’ve seen Alkaline and Masicka making guest appearances on the show. Kartel is in prison so he can’t mark present, but the channel went ahead and did a feature on anyway while labeling him as the undisputed king of the genre.

Beenie Man has been referring to himself as the king of dancehall since the 1990s. It seems he got wind of what was taking place yesterday and fired off a post on Instagram reminding everyone that he is still around.

“1995 before social media, streaming platforms, and digital media. Then and now. #dancehall #LoverOftheMusic&theCulture #reggae #IfYouKnowYouKnow #FashionIcon #DancehallKing #MusicalPioneer,” Beenie wrote while adding a king emoji.

In 2009, Reggae Sumfest crowned Beenie Man the King of Dancehall while honoring the dancehall veteran on stage. Beenie’s post ignited a heated debate between his fans and Vybz Kartel supporters.

“Why can Lady Saw keep her crown but he can’t?” one fan questioned. “Some of you dislike the man for no reason. I know what Beenie Man means to Dancehall music. If you google “King of the Dancehall” right now, Beenie is the answer. It wasn’t until yesterday, that another name also pops up. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t deny that Kartel is a lyricist, but Beenie put the work in. He deserves his crown.”

“You’re not even five years older than Vybz Kartel, y’all in the same age group and you are fighting to be King lol,” another fan wrote. “You’re not even relevant I thought you were like 60+ until I googled you’re just 45 and Vybz Kartel is 43 and I cannot recall a hit from you in ages and Vybz Kartel in a prison a run street.”

While we’re having this debate, let’s not forget that King Yellow Man is still alive and well. There is also Sean Paul who is the most commercially successful dancehall artist in history.

It appears that the crown is broken in pieces but which deejay has more in his possession?