Buju Banton Confirms New Music Is On The Way With Studio Video


Buju Banton got some new music on the way.

The Grammy-winning reggae superstar has not released any new music since his release from federal prison in December last year, but the wait may soon be over. Buju Banton posted a video clip on his Instagram account showing himself in the studio voicing new music. The audio is mute, but you can see the singer enjoying the moment of getting back to what he loves, making music.

“Yo world, working on the night shift… I’m feeling it, don’t worry you will too,” Buju wrote. A rep for the singer previously said that he is working on a major project due early this year. So far, he has not released any details on the pending album.

Buju recording some new music with DJ Khaled in December last year when the We The Best Music Group chief visited Jamaica for a work vacation. Khaled’s song with Buju will appear on his upcoming album Father of Asahd.

Buju Banton recently revealed that he is now in full control of his Instagram account and will regularly update his fans about his moves. “Sooo, Hi world do I have to post shit on here everyday??? Lol,” he wrote.

Rygin King – Monument

Ryging King is heating up dancehall with a brand new banger “Monument.”


The Good Good Productions-produced single saw the Mobay deejay taking on his critics and his enemies including Masicka and Alkaline. The track was not released as a diss record, but dancehall fans have already labeled it as such. “War head inna your forehead spend shell / The autopopsy read a no sickle cell / The dunce dem lef’ a clip inna him mango head / A close casket ’cause me no see no dreads,” Rygin King deejays.

King is one of the hottest new acts in the game right now and is heavily present in the new wave of artists rising up out of Montego Bay.

Beenie Man Adjust His Crown As Vybz Kartel Named ‘King of Dancehall’ On Mainstream TV


Beenie Man adjusts his crown as Vybz Kartel named “King of Dancehall” on mainstream TV.

On Thursday, Fox 5 New York crowned Vybz Kartel the “King of Dancehall” in a riveting segment on their morning program. The new channel often features dancehall acts as well as hip-hop, and in the past, we’ve seen Alkaline and Masicka making guest appearances on the show. Kartel is in prison so he can’t mark present, but the channel went ahead and did a feature on anyway while labeling him as the undisputed king of the genre.

Beenie Man has been referring to himself as the king of dancehall since the 1990s. It seems he got wind of what was taking place yesterday and fired off a post on Instagram reminding everyone that he is still around.

“1995 before social media, streaming platforms, and digital media. Then and now. #dancehall #LoverOftheMusic&theCulture #reggae #IfYouKnowYouKnow #FashionIcon #DancehallKing #MusicalPioneer,” Beenie wrote while adding a king emoji.

In 2009, Reggae Sumfest crowned Beenie Man the King of Dancehall while honoring the dancehall veteran on stage. Beenie’s post ignited a heated debate between his fans and Vybz Kartel supporters.

“Why can Lady Saw keep her crown but he can’t?” one fan questioned. “Some of you dislike the man for no reason. I know what Beenie Man means to Dancehall music. If you google “King of the Dancehall” right now, Beenie is the answer. It wasn’t until yesterday, that another name also pops up. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t deny that Kartel is a lyricist, but Beenie put the work in. He deserves his crown.”

“You’re not even five years older than Vybz Kartel, y’all in the same age group and you are fighting to be King lol,” another fan wrote. “You’re not even relevant I thought you were like 60+ until I googled you’re just 45 and Vybz Kartel is 43 and I cannot recall a hit from you in ages and Vybz Kartel in a prison a run street.”

While we’re having this debate, let’s not forget that King Yellow Man is still alive and well. There is also Sean Paul who is the most commercially successful dancehall artist in history.

It appears that the crown is broken in pieces but which deejay has more in his possession?

Bounty Killer Co-Sign Vybz Kartel Getting “King of Dancehall” Status


Bounty Killer gave Vybz Kartel his stamp of approval.

Dancehall legend Bounty Killer cosigning Vybz Kartel as the “King of Dancehall” is significant given his statue and influence in the genre. The legendary Five Star General is one of the biggest names in dancehall’s history. Not only does he carries a massive fan base, but he is also responsible for introducing some of the current biggest names in the genre to the masses including Kartel himself.

While Bounty Killer and Beenie Man have made peace over the years, Grunggaadzilla is clearly in full support of his former protege Vybz Kartel being the “King of Dancehall” even while he is behind bars.

Killer posted a clip from Fox 5 New York’s profile of Kartel on Instagram and captioned it, “More Black Excellency.” The dancehall giant continues, “Vybz Kartel remains a dominant force in our music because of THE CONTINUOUS HITS HE PUTS OUT STILL WHILE IMPRISONED and huge respect to all Vloggers that KEEPS HIS NAME GOING BEYOND THE MUSIC.”

Beenie Man had to adjust his crown after the Fox 5 reporting went viral online. He is insisting that he was the king then, in the 1990s, and is still the king today. Dancehall fans are divided in the debate, with the ever so outspoken Gaza fans blasting Beenie Man, while the Doc’s fans push back while reading out his list of accomplishments.

Bounty Killer throwing his voice into the mix says a lot, and perhaps we need more dancehall acts to speak say something on the topic of who is the current “King of Dancehall.”

Frankie Music To Release Album With Reggae 'Generals'


Recording imprint Frankie Music, a significant contributor to the Jamaican music landscape for over a decade and best known for producing hits such as  'Dweet Again' by Grammy Award winner Beenie Man, Konshens and Delus 'She's Happy' and most recently 'Raggamuffin' by new sensation Koffee, is set to release their first official compilation for the New Year. 

The project, an adeptly crafted 14-track rhythm album titled 'General A General' will see a plethora of reggae luminaries lending their vocals alongside several burgeoning stars. Features acts; Anthony B, Christopher Martin, Jesse Royal, Romain Virgo, Lutan Fyah, Qraig (Voicemail) and D-Major with Javada, Naomi Cowan, Tia, Shawn Antoine, Kumar and Symatic rounding off the aggregation.

According to Executive Producer, Comar 'Frankie' Campbell owner and operator of Frankie Music when asked about the reason behind the name and what music lovers can expect he said, 

"The word General refers to a commander of an army or an army officer of very high rank and as my first album of the year, I thought it was fitting to take charge of the year as such and produce quality music with authentic Jamaican talent. As for listeners, I hope they will appreciate the good energy and powerful lyrics."

Reviewing the tracklisting reveals the inclusion of several young talents, a move Frankie says was deliberate in compiling the project. Having worked with artistes such as Sizzla, Konshens, Delus, Voicemail, Chevaughn, Beenie Man, Alaine, Chris Martin, Demarco, D-Major, Aisha Davis, RR,  Omari, Javada, Koffee, Shawn Antoine, Chuck Fenda in the past Frankie explained that,
"In recent times there has been a major upsurge of new talent especially in dancehall and that is good for the genre but it is also equally important that we maintain balance hence the reason I decided to make this latest effort predominately Reggae. That's my way of helping to preserve the music and culture for future generations." Despite no definitive date, the project is slated for release in the weeks ahead with distribution courtesy of  VPal Music.

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